In Sydney I waited for a weather break before my departure; …silly if I didn’t

Blog Post 36 by Jon Sanders: Leaving Sydney & the Tamar River

While in Sydney I waited for a weather break before my departure. It would be silly if I didn’t; there was plenty of wind, wave and surf warnings.

I would now be able to sail comfortably south down the Australian NSW coast, do a righty (I haven’t grown up) around the south-east corner of NSW and Australia, proceed across the Bass Strait avoiding the oil rigs, or ‘they’ might get cross. God (He, She, It or Cyber Space) put oil fields on potential shipping routes – like the Bass Strait and approaches to Rio de Janeiro Brazil. The oil rigs get into the road.

After the rigs, pass south of Wilsons Promontory (the most southerly point of the Australian continent), then across the western side of the Bass Strait to the southern State of Victoria town of Portland. Portland, located near the South Australia and Victoria border, was the first settlement in Victoria before Melbourne.

So, that was the plan; it didn’t happen

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