JS on PB2 Blog 6

Five days behind me is the Isle de La Réunion. Obviously French. Very French.

Blog Post 6 by Jon Sanders: 19th December 2016

Five days behind me is the Isle de La Réunion. Obviously French. Very French.

Got a live volcano. 8000 ft high. (Americans understand feet and inches). There are mountains, awe-inspiring ravines, valleys.  Scenic.  Very scenic.

No one speaks English much. Just French. Bring a dictionary.

The principal harbour is in the industrial area – like the rest of the world. Not all of it is now used; so much of it has been converted to yacht marinas. (Power and sail) Read More

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Jon Sanders on Perie Banou II. Blog 5

The west coast of Australia is now a long way behind…

Blog Post 5 by Jon Sanders: 29th November 2016

Hi all,
The west coast of Australia is now a long way behind. Then it was 3 reefs in the mainsail.  Windy.

A wind one gets in the region – history shows it has been the same over the past 400 years – Southerlies.

Soon the wind bends and we get the South East trades proper.

For the first 1,000 Nautical Miles, the Trades were what I expected. (What I had found in former years).

I.E.: very strong southerlies leaving the Australian shore (Shark Bay) and quickly becoming SE & ESE light and light moderate.

Half way across the Indian Ocean the winds became fresh, sometimes strong – near gale.  Rough ride

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Jon Sanders on Perie Banou II. Blog 3

It is 0830 here. 1030 in Western Australia. Windy. Rather Windy.

Blog Post 3 by Jon Sanders: 16th November 2016

The wind over the last week has been quiet and mild. Trade winds from south-east and south-southeast. Barometer 1018 to 1020, whatever they are. Last night I tapped the barometer, and it sorta went oops. 1015. Blimey!

Looked outside. Nice mild 18 knot SSE. A bit of fleck on the modest wave top.

BUT, the word but usually means whatever you just said was a lie.

There was a new big swell from the south, with 3/8 of cumulus cloud.  The rest of the sky was blue.

The clouds were in a hurry going from south to north.  Hmmm, “think I will put a second reef in the mainsail”.  Which I did.

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Jon Sanders on Perie Banou II. Blog 1

This is day 7 (6 days) since leaving the coastal mid-West Australian town of Carnarvon

Blog Post 2 by Jon Sanders: 8th October 2016

Remote region. Beautiful town. Kept cooler by the strong south winds which make the trees bend and grow to the north. Carnarvon is nice.

Especially the months of September, October, November, December. The wind is strong. Often near gale with gale squalls and blue skies.

I sailed from Fremantle (superb) of Perth, the capital of the state of Western Australia. Perth population 1.3 million. Very modern. Clean and the most isolated major city on the planet.

Carnarvon is located in the northern portion of Shark Bay. A world heritage region.

We participated in the Fremantle to Shark Bay yacht race held to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the landing of Dutch navigator and Captain of the sailing ship “Eendracht” on Dirk Hartog Island.  Shark Bay. His name was Dirk Hartog.

He would never have know 400 years later the King and Queen of Holland would be in Perth as part of the celebration.

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Jon Sanders and Perie Banou II in Geraldton

I managed to begin my 10th circumnavigation of the world on due date and schedule

Blog post 1 by Jon Sanders. Day 1: 10th Circumnavigation.

I hope no one reads this, because if it were not for everyone else, I would not have left when I did.  Beautiful people. (They were so).

400 years ago a bloke, (I mean a brave Dutch ship’s captain) steered his ship to the lower north coast of Western Australia. Thus, discovering it.

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Perie Banou II crossing the finish line

Perie Banou II has completed the first leg of the voyage from Fremantle to Geraldton, Western Australia

Perie Banou II completed first leg of voyage from Fremantle, Western Australia to Geraldton, Western Australia.

A big thanks from the crew to all involved with getting Perie Banou II ready for this voyage. A special thanks to Royal Perth Yacht Club for their key involvement and management.

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Thank you to the ABC for joining us to farewell Jon Sanders yesterday

Thank you to the ABC for joining us to farewell Jon Sanders yesterday.

WA yachting legend Jon Sanders sets sail on a final circumnavigation of the globe.

West Australian solo yachtsman Jon Sanders says he is now in good health, after having open heart surgery last year.

West Australian yachting legend Jon Sanders has set sail from Fremantle, south of Perth, on his 10th, and most likely final, circumnavigation of the world.

Despite undergoing open heart surgery last year, Mr Sanders said he felt in good health leading into his year-long journey at sea.

“I went in to see the surgeon the other day and he said my blood pressure was good and my heart’s beating OK so I’d better go somewhere,” he said.

“Right now it’s the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog bumping into WA so I’m doing that yacht race to celebrate that first.”

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Jon Sanders Voyage Farewell and the Start of the 48th Geraldton Classic

Start to Jon Sanders Voyage and the 48th Geraldton Classic

Great to see so many powerboats out on Fremantle waters to see Jon off and the start of the 48th Geraldton Classic.

It has begun in amazing conditions. Jon wasn’t holding back; he was right up at the start line. A great start the race with such a yachting legend.

See you all in Geraldton!


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Jon Sanders’ Voyage Farewell @ Royal Perth Yacht Club Annexe

Jon Sanders’ Voyage Farewell – Sunday morning, 16 October 2016

The start of Jon Sanders’ record-breaking 10th circumnavigation on his Perie Banou II.

How happy and at home does Jon Sanders look heading back to sea!

It is fantastic to see people arriving early Sunday morning at the Royal Perth Yacht Club Fremantle Annexe to farewell Jon. Thank you ABC News and Channel 10 for coming down to film

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Jon Sanders – Nine News Perth

World Sailing Great, Jon Sanders

After nearly seventy years at the helm, world sailing great, Jon Sanders is set to leave Perth on his tenth trip around the world. The yachtsman has broken 34 world records at sea but this trip could be the last.


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