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Royal Perth Yacht Club has been a part of the Western Australia community for over 150 years and the Club has a long-standing reputation for producing champions and staging major international events.  We recognised that a Club is only as strong as our Members and we take great pride in each and every one of their achievements.

Jon has been a member of Royal Perth Yacht Club for 62 years and we proudly call him our “favourite son”.

RPYC has been the home of Perie Banou, Parry Endeavour & Perie Banou II is penned at the Club. The Club has taken an active role in each of Jon’s circumnavigations and when he approached the Club about supporting his ‘Swan Song Voyage and 10th Circumnavigation of the World’, we didn’t hesitate to say yes.

We are delighted to be managing and coordinating the campaign to get Perie Banou II back in ship shape condition and provide Jon with a safe passage to create history by becoming the only person to have circumnavigated the planet 10 times.

Inspiring, to say the least, is the generosity of the members of the Western Australian  boating community who have already stepped up to help get this voyage underway, however, we are seeking the support of the wider community to ensure that Jon’s dreams come to fruition.Royal Perth Yacht Club[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]