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I’m still here, parked a day or two at Cane Garden Bay BVI

Blog Post 16 by Jon Sanders: Road Town, BVI

Jon Perie Banou and the British Virgin Islands (BVI’s).

I’m still here, parked a day or two at Cane Garden Bay, BVI. Wonderful Bay, nice beach restaurants and bars. Cane Garden Bay is on the main island, Tortola.

Road Town, the capital of British Virgin Islands, is on the other side of the Island. To get from Cane Garden to Road Town (by taxi) is over hills:  big hills, with much vegetation; steep winding road – ears pop as one nears the top. More than 1000 ft up. (Near 1337 ft). Divide that by 3.3, and you have meters if you must.

The view is fabulous! Not just of the bay or Road Town, but of islands and islands in a vast blue sea:  BVIs and the overlapping US Virgin Islands. Just terrific!

From Puerto Rico (US) in the west, US VI’s, & BVI’s in the east are the Leeward Islands.

Like any other day, monitored by The United States Coast Guard (USCG), Puerto Rico, on emergency channel VHF 16, give warnings and alerts.

“Viz. Securitay, Securitay Securitay” (important warning)

“Ship in narrow channel”, “wind warning”,  etc.

“Pan Pan Pan” (individual or persons in danger). Probably overboard.

And, “Mayday Mayday Mayday” (boat or ship in immediate danger) sinking, stranded, fire, etc.

During Easter, there was a self-charted yacht on a reef in the BVIs. Crew needed rescuing.

Another in the BVI’s was an upturned dinghy with outboard (from a charter company) “where are the former occupants?”

In the US VI’s an outboard power boat took a wave, dangerously full of water, 4 elderly people needed lifting.

A Cruise Liner had a 35-year-old overboard. Eventually, the Liner found the body and recovered it.  (Your guess).

All monitored and managed by the USCG. Great work USCG Puerto Rico!

Many 1000s of miles away, similarly done by Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) over 1000s of miles of coastline and 1000s of square miles of ocean. As with all other Sea Rescue…

And the French. Don’t forget the French.

The French have massive maritime economic zones. Especially South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Forget the Globe Vendee. I see more French long range cruising the oceans than any other nationality. Lots in suitable aluminium built boats.

Many families.  Mum, Dad and wee kids. Not with normal big national flags; Just a small tricolour at the back – and Mum and Dad, and the youngsters.

Jon on the dreamboat Gizmo
Jon on the dreamboat Gizmo

Bon voyage!

I said goodbye to the 60 ft carbon fibre catamaran Gizmo, with Paul and Shiralee, and motor boated my Perie Banou 2 around the west end of the island to Nanny Cay Marina on the other side of Tortola.

I like Nanny Cay Marina best. 

As the management would say “is the best”.

Off and on over 27 years, I have been putting into that Marina (a long, long way from my Western Australian home). It improves more and more.

Marina and resort complex with services: Lift out. Hard standing. Big boat storage. Sailmakers. Small supermarket. Electrical (they have a B&G sign on the front). Good chandlery. Increasing the size of Marina, and more.

Jon enjoying dinner with Miles, Captain of Gismo, Shiralee and Paul at the Bear Bar at Cane Garden Bay, BVI

There’s a cafe at one end, open for breakfast and lunch. At the other end is Peg Legs Restaurant, with good views, open sided – Business people have lunch.  The BVI’s establishment dinner.

But yea for me is the beach bar below; not as expensive food. A round island bar and within a few hundred feet a nice white sandy beach on the ocean to swim in, and separate, though near to, the Marina/Resort swimming pool.

Happy hour the beer is $2 a stubby. Whilst the Americans drink Pain Killers – out of large martini glasses. Must be good for you. They put salt in it!

Miles Sutherland-Pilch is the General Manager for the whole complex. Nature’s perfect gentleman, he is.

Jon and General Manager, Miles Sutherland-Pilch, Nanny Cay Resort Marina

Enough, I must untie and sail for the Panama Canal.

Got a long way to go. Bye bye, nice British Virgin Islands.

Regards to all.

See you next week.




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3 thoughts to “I’m still here, parked a day or two at Cane Garden Bay BVI”

  1. Hi, Jon. Congratulations on the voyage! Enjoy the Panama Canal. We were there just over a month ago on a cruise. Hey–pity you can’t sail north and see us in Philadelphia! Best wishes, Margaret and Arden

  2. Bonjour my Captain xo

    I am loving this journal of your travels and I miss you dearly my friend

    Love and Friendship Always
    Michelle Hunt xx❤✌

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