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PERIE BANOU is tied to the relatively new Shelter Bay Marina, Colon

Blog Post 18 by Jon Sanders: Shelter Bay Marina, Colon

The city of Colon Panama is on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal.

Colon remains, as with previous years, a dangerous city. But it is much cleaner and getting safer.

PERIE BANOU is tied to the relatively new Shelter Bay Marina, Colon. Good Marina, with services, some modest.

Balboa is the port for Panama City on the Pacific Ocean. The other end of the Canal.

If one looked at a map or chart of all of the Americas, (north, middle and south), and one wanted to cross the Atlantic to the Pacific one would be going east to west.

Did I get that right?

So, to go thru the Panama Canal, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, one would go west to east.

Did I get that right?

Yes. Correct!

How come?

The canal actually runs north to south, with Colon on the Atlantic side “west” of Balboa on the Pacific. Thought you needed to know that.

This will be my 7th transit of the Panama Canal

The first in 1976 in my S&S 34 Perie Banou (I), then in my current S&S 39 Perie Banou II (II is Roman for 2) thought you needed to know that too., then in 1990, 2011, 2014,  and now 2017.

The other two times with Paul Stratfold, on a CNB64 named INON in 2004: New York to Auckland NZ.

Then with Nathan Brydon on a Beneteau 47.3 named OSIRIS in 2006: Caribbean Island of St Lucia to Queensland Australia.

Paul and Nathan both tell me what to do all the time. Thank goodness.

1976 the Canal Zone was United States Territory. Managed and run by the US; at cost. Organised, clean, and tidy. Remarkable.

1990 the Canal and Canal Zone ceded to Panama, although still managed by the US. The Zone was looking a bit sad. Today Panama manages it all, and the economy is up. The Canal and Zone are as beautiful as ever.

The yachties need an agent. Everything busy.

In 1976 the Zone was a major United States military region. “Southern Command”.  Not no more…

The magnificent barracks and administration buildings have lain bare for years. The US even stripped the wiring out of them. Now one of those buildings is being used by the Panamanian Naval Marine.

Shelter Bay and the former barracks are surrounded by jungle. Real jungle. (Except for a bumpy road in and out).

Whilst talking to some Australians on a Hobart registered Yacht, I noticed a number of people walk out on the finger jetty alongside my yacht.

They were gawking at an 8 foot crocodile.

I reckoned it was an alligator because alligators can be found in the man-made Gatun, fresh water Lake which is a major part of the canal and provides water for the Lochs: that is Scottish.

Locals said it was a young crocodile. Alligator I reckon.

How would I know?  I don’t.

They probably bite.

My agent from former transits Tina McBride has again agreed to be my agent. Which is nice. Paul Stratfold keeps in telephone contact with her.

He and Shiralee plan to fly from St Martin to Panama for Perie Banou’s transit.

Needless to say, I look forward to that.

Until next week.

Regards to all, Jon.

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